All about TLC

Additional Information

 TLC Wash N' Clean  is a family owned business located in a great neighborhood in North  Gilbert. There is plenty of parking space and the parking lot is kept  well lit at night. Our customers tell us that they feel safe coming to  our laundromat, even at night.

We have a helpful, friendly attendant on duty at all times that we are open for your safety and convenience. If you have any questions as to how to use any of the machines or have any difficulties with a machine operating correctly, it's great to have someone to help you.

We take great pride and receive many compliments from our customers for the cleanliness of our laundromat. We thoroughly clean every night for the next day, and of course, there is an attendant on duty to clean any accidents immediately after they happen.

We still use the quarter system as our customers seem to prefer it.  There are no cards to lose or end up with odd amounts of money left on  them that you are unable to use. We have a change machine and do offer  $10.00 quarter rolls for your convenience. We do take debit, credit  cards to make change for you for a service fee of $1.50.

We try to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible and have  air conditioning in the summer to keep you as cool as possible. This is  actual air conditioning and not evaporative cooling as people who live  in Arizona know does not work well in the Monsoon Season. Our repairman  says we have the coolest laundromat in the Valley.

We have a nice waiting area with seating and HD TV satellite service  that customers can make requests for shows they may want to watch. We  also offer free Wi-Fi for your convenience.

We also make sure to keep our equipment operating efficiently, so you will never come in and find lots of out of order signs.

We are very customer oriented and want to make sure that your visit to  our laundromat is the best experience you can have while doing your  laundry.

For your convenience we offer a wash and fold/hang service.

 We are located on Gilbert Rd approximately half way between Baseline Rd. and Guadalupe Rd. on the east side.